An Introduction

It seems odd writing an introduction over a decade since I wrote my first story and over six years after the first book hit Kindle! However, thanks to feedback on social media, I felt it was now a good time to lay out what I do and perhaps what I plan to do. My first … [Read more…]

The Whole Story – Tammy Beginnings

This story is set a year and a half before the events of Tamara’s Debut. As the story starts, Tom Smart is sixteen and is just about to finish school for the summer after his GCSE exams. Tom’s bright, likely to do well and knows he’s heading straight back to St Andrews School in September … [Read more…]

Start here!

I’ve been writing stories about Tammy Smart for over a decade but not everyone knows the background For a wander through the stories (and Kindle books), take a look at my Tammyverse page In short, Tom Smart is a school boy who knows he is also Tammy Smart. The prequel stories establish his (and her) … [Read more…]