Paperback woes fixed!

A few days ago I had another go at getting Amazon to unblock the release of Unsocial Media in paperback. Their first answer was, again, “no” but I was given the name of a contact … so I sent a whole load of info and at 23:23 on Sunday night (2nd Jan!) they agreed I did hold the book rights! […]

At the end of 2021

I’ve taken a break from book publishing for a few weeks but will get back into the work in January. I haven’t stopped writing however and have, so far, published 17,000 words of a new Prelude series on Big Closet. This story covers Tom Smart’s last full year before he became Tammy. It is currently a set of short stories […]

Winter scribbling plans

My next Kindle release will be ‘Deathtrap’, incorporating the Aftermath story. It is being fully revised with new, previously unseen, content. Of course, Alecia is on board for that. Currently that is expected in late November but … sometimes things happen sooner! Deathtrap was published 1st November 2021 Meanwhile there are two brand new Tammyverse stories in production with one just […]

Paperback woes – Unsocial Media

I submitted the Unsocial Media manuscript to amazon for their on-demand paperback service. A few days later they queried whether I had the publishing rights! Despite my many protestations it seems that the paperback of Unsocial Media won’t be appearing in the Amazon store for a while. The odd thing is, the Kindle version was authorised & published within a […]

Autumn writing plan

The summer was manic and I’m still amazed that I managed to get two full length novels out (Summer Fling & Diminishing Returns) plus the novelised Anchored. So, deep breath time – there’s so much Tammy to come. First up is a brand new Tammy story that continues the serialised tales – this is the continuation of Book 13 and […]

UG3 – at last!

After a long wait, the third book in the Unaccounted Gains series has finally arrived! Diminishing Returns has just been published! UK: USA: AUS: CA:

Writing update – two new books soon

I’m making good progress on Tammy’s Summer Fling and I’m hoping to have this book out in late May or early June 2021, it’s going to be a long read with 95% new content. Much of the content touches the third Unaccounted Gains book so there’s progress there as well, with UG3 (‘Diminishing Returns’) due mid-late June now. No cover […]

A new site and a new paperback

I decided a new site was needed for my books, so I have built Shiraz Books today, simply (?) by duplicating my existing site. Oh, a little messing with SQL was needed to make everything work. A few days ago Amazon relented in their argument that I didn’t own the rights to my latest book, Testing Times, and agreed to […]