Writing update – two new books soon

I’m making good progress on Tammy’s Summer Fling and I’m hoping to have this book out in late May or early June 2021, it’s going to be a long read with 95% new content. Much of the content touches the third Unaccounted Gains book so there’s progress there as well, with UG3 (‘Diminishing Returns’) due mid-late June now. No cover […]

A new site and a new paperback

I decided a new site was needed for my books, so I have built Shiraz Books today, simply (?) by duplicating my existing site. Oh, a little messing with SQL was needed to make everything work. A few days ago Amazon relented in their argument that I didn’t own the rights to my latest book, Testing Times, and agreed to […]

Writing schedule

My current writing project is the long-awaited third book in the Unaccounted Gains series, Diminishing Returns. That book takes priority over everything else and I’ve set myself a target of mid-May for third-party proofing – someone will be the lucky first reader! Once UG3 is concluded I’ll turn to the next Tammyverse story. In this case it’ll be the Summer […]

Site rebuild

I’ve moved the site between servers and hopefully it’s a little more responsive now! I also had some problems with the Stories subsite so this has been removed and the former content has been incorporated into the main site. A few more short stories have been added as a result of this change. Shiraz 23 Jan 2020