Deja Flew

Tammy is settling down. She has a partner, Maisie, a new home and a new job – training Maisie as an intelligence officer. Tammy is also producing Macbeth for her old school, again, but the final performance isn’t far away and neither is Christmas. Tammy hopes for a peaceful end to the year but that’s … [Read more…]

Tammy: Deja Flew

The next Tammyverse release will be Deja Flew in early April 2024. NOW OUT! Tammy & Maisie want a quiet Christmas with Suzie but terrorists have other plans. This book, originally posted in 2022 as a serial, has been completely revised with new content.

The Boat That Frocked

Now available on Kindle! UK USA Aus DE Paperback also now available! UK USA  John Farmer has no social life, few friends and no romance in his life, but then he meets a retiring pirate radio DJ. This story started life as an entry to a New Year 2024 … [Read more…]

Tammy: Changes

Tammy:Changes is the eleventh Tammyverse Kindle book. “Something Old, something New and something Gold?” Tammy’s life is in flux but she doesn’t even realise it. The young Macbeth director, army officer, MI5 agent, student and business woman needs help and something is probably going to break. Tammy needs to take control of her future but … [Read more…]

Name Change

Since around 2012 all of my stories have appeared under the Shiraz name. Starting January 2024 my full name Shiraz Turvey will be used, the existing Amazon titles will be amended to reflect this change. Shiraz

Rank Stupidity

The next instalment in Tammy’s life is to be published at the end of August 2023. Given that a whole year has passed since the last chapter of Royal Retreat I felt it was a good idea to put some character pen pictures down and to summarise Tammy’s history up to this point. To read … [Read more…]

An Introduction

It seems odd writing an introduction over a decade since I wrote my first story and over six years after the first book hit Kindle! However, thanks to feedback on social media, I felt it was now a good time to lay out what I do and perhaps what I plan to do. My first … [Read more…]

Unaccounted Offers!

For one week, starting 19 December 2022, both UG1 Accountancy Can Be Deadly and UG2 Spying By Numbers will be available to US readers for $0.99 each. The offer starts at 7am PDT / 10am EST on Monday 19th December and expires exactly one week later on 26th December. UG1 UG2