I started writing in 2008 in order to keep myself occupied after suffering a triple whammy – job, marriage and children – simply for being trans. Up until that point the only recent writing had been (family) court statements.
None of the my efforts appeared anywhere but by 2010 I was confident enough to enter a Hallowe’en story competition. That story introduced a character of Tom/Tammy Smart. A follow-up story featured the same character but was a stand-alone story. I was persuaded/conned into expanding Tammy’s story and that became Tamara’s Debut, a 350 page novel.
I have recently started republishing the Tammy series on Kindle with Tamara’s Debut and Tamara’s First Christmas appearing in 2020. The actual series is now 12 books long and a 13th book is in production. The original Tammyverse serialized stories are still out there, complete with typos.
Also back in 2010 I started a different story called Unaccounted Gains and three books appeared online as serials, all three are now full length novels with brand new content.



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