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I’ve been writing stories about Tammy Smart for over a decade but not everyone knows the background

For a wander through the stories (and Kindle books), take a look at my Tammyverse page

In short, Tom Smart is a school boy who knows he is also Tammy Smart. The prequel stories establish his (and her) backgrounds but she transitions and becomes Tammy during Tamara’s Debut and is suspended from school because of her transition. During the next few stories Tammy is back at school and finishes her exams whilst becoming involved in terrorist plots as an observer and as a target. That links her to the security services.

During the first summer after her exams Tammy has a life changing experience and starts to work for the security service, this leads onto many adventures and dangerous exploits. She finally starts her university degree course, which is abandoned, then restarts a year later in an attempt to have a normal life and a normal job.

Ten books in the Tammyverse series are currently published on Kindle plus the Prequel compendium The Whole Story.

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  1. Gene

    I enjoyed reading all the Tammy books. You’ve got me hooked. Looking for more books when you be write them. Thank you for many hours of entertainment. Gene

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