The Whole Story – Tammy Beginnings

This story is set a year and a half before the events of Tamara’s Debut.

As the story starts, Tom Smart is sixteen and is just about to finish school for the summer after his GCSE exams. Tom’s bright, likely to do well and knows he’s heading straight back to St Andrews School in September to start the Sixth Form. What he really doesn’t yet understand is who he is.

This story follows Tom for over a year as he explores being and becoming Tammy.

This book is the full and complete prequel to Tamara’s Debut and includes the previously published 3 parts of Tammy Beginnings. The third part, Tom’s Aunt, is also available as a separate book.

The three book prequel series, Tammy Beginnings, is now available as a single 400 page book in Kindle and dead-tree formats.


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