An Introduction

It seems odd writing an introduction over a decade since I wrote my first story and over six years after the first book hit Kindle!

However, thanks to feedback on social media, I felt it was now a good time to lay out what I do and perhaps what I plan to do.

My first published novel was Accountancy Can Be Deadly, the opener for the Unaccounted Gains series. This series is now 4 novels long with a fifth in production. The story centres around a North London accountant who has to flee his office when his main client is murdered. He adopts his female identity in order to try to avoid assassins who only want his data and don’t care about the accountant. This brings our character to the attention of Counter Terrorism Officers.

By the third book our main character is settled in Cornwall with her partner, working for the Security Service.

The other main series is now ten books long with an additional two (soon to be three) prequel stories. These book are known as the Tammyverse series.

The series centres around an 18+ year old transgender schoolgirl named Tammy who is finishing school in the Scottish Highlands. She’s heading into the real world, except she gets caught up in a terrorist attack even before her final exams have started, all whilst taking to the stage for the first time and handling transphobic hate. Tammy’s adult life brings her into contact with the principle character from the Unaccounted Gains series and she finds herself dealing with the espionage world, both in the UK & overseas.

The prequel series starts a year before the main series when our principle character is called Tom, just before his seventeenth birthday. It explores his awakening to being transgendered and how he tries to live two lives, even when he is in school. That series is now complete and covers Tammy’s time right up to the start of Tamara’s Debut.

Some of the Tammyverse books have been written in conjunction with Alecia Snowfall.

Looking ahead:

The fifth Unaccounted Gains book is next

Beyond that I have ideas for a new novel that is not connected to either existing series.

There is also a possibility of a further Tammyverse novel, Book 11.

My Kindle (UK) homepage:

My Kindle (US) homepage:

My Kindle (Aus) homepage:

If you’ve reached this far then perhaps a little personal intro?

I’m fast approaching my 60th birthday and I’m transgender.

I have twenty years experience in UK law enforcement (not the Police) that ended with a major international government IT project. Unfortunately some health issues and false accusations ended that career (although my main accuser was later sent to prison for fraud!). During that 20 years I married and had two children, but the marriage failed a year after my last duty shift, and before settlement had been reached with my management. I also transitioned, but without support, and my mental health wasn’t too great.

I detransitioned and relocated to deal with the divorce from a safe environment. I started writing at this time. With the divorce out of the way I then sought to protect my children, my daughter came to live with me thanks to a kind judge and my son was living elsewhere, but spent school holidays with me. Both are now adults but I can’t persuade my daughter to leave!

I now live as a non-binary person in public but femme elsewhere. I have (finally) been accepted onto the GIC (Tavistock) waiting list, having passed the gatekeeper examination in 2012 – apparently my referral was ‘lost’!

Oh, I’m blonde – but you’d know that from my profile pic on all my online accounts.

Update June 2023:

After another argument with my GP I decided to transition (again) but to do it properly. So the NHS have issued me a new NHS number as female (and I’ve already had a mammogram), HMRC has updated my account, the banks have changed my details and so on.

In March 2023 I submitted a formal complaint about my GP to NHS England. The deadline for them to respond to that complaint is this week.

Me in a denim dress, outside a beer festival in Colchester 1st June 2023


  1. Jeanette Weger

    First off a huge thank you. And a huge hug. I am MTF myself and in some ways I understand. Keep that head up…. And sorry to be a little selfish… Please keep writing.

  2. Charles

    I have read your Tammy books multiple times online. I would love to have the last 2 (11 and 12) published so I can add them to my offline library. Please keep writing about Tammy.

  3. Vicki Hafer

    Shiraz thank you so much for taking time from your life to bring happiness to so many of us. Your novels are wonderful and I look forward to reading them as soon as they come out. I to understand the mental health effects of transitioning alone. It’s a hard row to hoe, but i am very happy that you are handling it so well. Oh, and by the way, i may be American, but i truly love reading and leading about the U.K.

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