UG4: Loose Change available NOW!

How much trouble can an accountant get into? Plenty it would seem, especially if she works for MI5. Heather Young is firmly established in Cornwall but her partner, DS Sophie Grieve, continues to be at the beck and call of London’s New Scotland Yard so is often absent. Meanwhile Heather has some health worries but … [Read more…]


The first release of 2022* was Spycraft, an intensive reworking of the original ‘Moving On’ story and the tenth Kindle release in the Tammyverse series. Tammy is fed up with the Security Service and wants to get on with her life. Suzie’s working for her but that’s not always a comfortable arrangement. What Tammy doesn’t … [Read more…]


The Fall/Winter 2021 Kindle release for the Tammyverse series is Deathtrap. Tammy finds herself unwittingly involved in a terrorist attack and has to face the aftermath of her actions. This leads to Tammy re-evaluating her life and her future with the Security Service. She learns quickly that actions have consequences and that not everyone is … [Read more…]

Two new paperbacks

Latest paperbacks

Two paperbacks have been added to the stock, completing the current line-up of ten Kindle books and ten paperbacks. It’s probably time to re-arrange my shelves!

UG3 – at last!

After a long wait, the third book in the Unaccounted Gains series has finally arrived! Diminishing Returns has just been published! UK: USA: AUS: CA:

Diminishing Returns (UG3)

Diminishing Returns is the third in the Unaccounted Gains series and picks up Heather and Sophie’s Cornish adventure where Spying by Numbers finished. How much trouble can an accountant get into? Heather and Sophie are firmly established in Cornwall but already their cottage is too small for them. If that was their only concern then … [Read more…]