My next Kindle release will be ‘Deathtrap’, incorporating the Aftermath story. It is being fully revised with new, previously unseen, content. Of course, Alecia is on board for that. Currently that is expected in late November but … sometimes things happen sooner! Deathtrap was published 1st November 2021

Meanwhile there are two brand new Tammyverse stories in production with one just about finished. Unfortunately they can’t be posted on BCTS yet but there will be fresh, unseen, Tammy there before Christmas! Posting is likely to continue into 2022, after which there will be a break.

Once the current flurry of Tammy writing & editing is out of the way then I have 2 new novels planned for the winter months, one of which is the fourth Unaccounted Gains book. No promises for release dates, sorry, too early to say.

Oh, if my muse allows it, I might have something completely different to post. Not this side of Christmas tho.


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