The summer was manic and I’m still amazed that I managed to get two full length novels out (Summer Fling & Diminishing Returns) plus the novelised Anchored.

So, deep breath time – there’s so much Tammy to come.

First up is a brand new Tammy story that continues the serialised tales – this is the continuation of Book 13 and is in conjunction with Alecia Snowfall.  That will arrive in November (subject to lots of caveats). The next novelised Tammy story, on Kindle, will be Unsocial Media, and this is also likely to appear in late September. The following tale, Aftermath/Deathtrap, will likely not arrive until early December.

For Unaccounted Gains, the next novel doesn’t yet have a name and even I’m just calling it UG4! I’ve already made a good start on it but that won’t arrive until March 2022. There’s going to be more Tammy in this book (in order to keep the continuity!) but it’s not all about her. Beyond UG4 I have no ideas at present.  I will be serialising UG2:Spying By Numbers starting January 2022, UG1:Accountancy Can Be Deadly is already available as a serial.

So, is that all?

Maybe. I have some ideas for a story that doesn’t involve Tammy, Heather or Sophie but which might fit into the universe I’ve created. Or, perhaps, it’ll be a completely separate universe? Will it be a Young Adult story or something more adult? Again, I don’t know. I guess I’m waiting for inspiration.

Watch this space for updates.

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